We connect soccer talents with teams.

Clubs, players and coaches – from amateur to professional football – use RIESPO's global database for scouting, management and networking in order to improve their performance

The platform for footballers, clubs and coaches.

  1. Create a free account
  2. Add profile to the database
  3. Set search criteria within the exchange
  4. Contact interested parties directly
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  • What is RIESPO? Company presentation
  • Create an account First steps on RIESPO
  • Soccer database Register and be found
  • Transfer exchange Set criteria, find opportunities
  • Manage lists Shadow teams and notes

Amateur to pro

Advantages for football professionals and those who want to become one

Free account

Add a profile to the database and test without obligation

Global database

Get in touch with players, clubs and coaches worldwide

Phone, PC, Mac

Convenient scouting and management from your preferred device

The database for the whole world of soccer.

Once you create your profile, you will be included in the global RIESPO soccer database. Here players, coaches and clubs present themselves, their skills, and their achievements. The database offers an overview of footballers and teams. Inclusion into the database is free even with a starter account.

We are looking for the ideal footballer, coach and team.

In the RIESPO exchange, football players can find out whether their qualifications and transfer plans match the search criteria of clubs. Football clubs can find suitable players for their team and coaches can search for a new team. If the search parameters match, both interested parties will receive the contact details for direct communication.

Personal register for notes and administration.

Each profile can be saved on private lists. The possibilities of RIESPO lists range from simple watch lists to intelligent squad management with shadow teams.

Transparent, simple and inexpensive prices.

Use RIESPO for free, for as long as you’d like. The contact function is just an inexpensive upgrade. For players and coaches the price is only € X.XX per month. For clubs, it is € X.XX per month. Billing takes place annually. Membership can be canceled at any time.

Features Starter Player
Access to the database yes yes yes yes
Your profile in the database yes yes yes yes
Lists, notes and shadow teams yes yes yes yes
Team management yes yes yes yes
Search criteria in the exchange yes yes yes yes
Display matching profiles no yes yes yes
Send message to clubs no yes yes no
Send message to player no no no yes
Send message to trainer no no no yes
Price per month € 0 € X,XX € X,XX € X,XX

Web and App.

RIESPO can be easily accessed through your web browser and can also be installed on smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac.

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